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How to play French roulette

Roulette is a game that has existed for a long time but is always the protagonist in casinos. It is impossible not to notice the many crowded people around the roulette table. This thrilling game has survived through the ages and has remained one of the most popular casino games. You should browse this site of casino and search for the winning.

The reason why roulette draws the attention of so many people lies in the simplicity of its rules. Here, it is not necessary to apply any complicated strategies. You just have to stay focused and make the right bet. Of course, luck is also needed.

The game of roulette, in its definitive and official version, originated in France at the end of the 18th century, and it is surprising how it has managed and still manages to attract, excite and entertain players from all over the world without ever changing its rules. Certainly, both the elegant and intriguing structure of the table, with the wheel and the betting grids, and its simple and fluid playability which, in addition to entertaining, also allows you to win money have contributed to all this.

There are currently three main variations of the game. European roulette is the most popular because it offers the most affordable advantages, but the truth is that French roulette is at the heart of all versions. However, European and French roulette share similar rules. Roulette has French origins, but has undergone several changes over the years. So, you can outline those three main variations of the game, which have some slight differences. But the game is pretty much the same except for a few small details.

French style roulette

In this original version, the game table presents the wheel (roulette), resting on a rotating cylinder, divided into 37 squares, 36 numbered, of which 18 red and 18 black numbers, distributed non-consecutively, plus 0, which is green in color. It can be said that French roulette is played on 36 numbers, in the sense that the numbers from 1 to 36 all have, individually, the same probability of coming out in favor of the player, while 0 has particular rules and is usually to the advantage of the house..

Beyond the wheel, which is the fulcrum of the game, the table shows a grid board containing all the numbers of the wheel, consecutively, with their respective colors, positioned in three columns, apart from 0. Next to the grid of numbers, on the right and on the left, there are the sections concerning the combinations for simple bets, that is red / black, even / odd, manque (numbers 1-18) / passe (numbers 19-36); for the other bets, you can find the three columns and the three dozen.

Special rules in French roulette

In the event that the ball lands on 0, some special rules must be considered. First of all, the en prison rule, according to which 0, which is considered in favor of the bank as it modifies the percentage of probability of a number coming out to the advantage of the player and, consequently, increases the percentage of the house advantage, “Imprisons”, ie blocks, simple bets. This means that the bet is put on hold for the next spin. If during this spin the combination corresponding to the bet is rolled, the stake is released and can therefore win or lose normally. If this combination does not come up, the bet is lost and is withdrawn by the dealer.